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We are SET to serve you. Safe. Efficient. Trustworthy...


We understand that you have a number of carrier options available, so why should you use Forward Trucking, LLC?

Simply put, we care about your business and we show it with:

  • Damage free service
  • Stellar safety record
  • Experienced personnel - both in the trucks and in the office
  • Wide array of equipment to get the job done

We firmly believe that we provide much more to our customers than transportation, we consider ourselves an extension of your company. From the moment you make contact with Forward Trucking, LLC to get a quote and on through billing, your freight, and your customers, will be handled by experienced personnel with a strong customer focus.

We work hard to make sure your shipments are delivered on-time and intact, that paperwork is filled out properly, and that everyone affiliated with your organization is treated with respect and courtesy. Our commitment to customer satisfaction, safety, and performance aren’t just ideas framed in our mission statement on the wall, they are the principles that guide our business day in and day out.

This is what we call "The Forward Advantage".


Forward Trucking aspires to be a creative and innovative leader in transportation solutions, to transcend in the industry, and truly become an eminent business moving forward. Our goal is to continue to develop innovative and efficient processes and reach into new markets as a transportation company. Forward Trucking differentiates our solutions based on our in-depth customer understanding, strong focus on market needs and consistent safety and efficiency.


To provide safe, reliable, continuous, and cost effective service through a strong support team of logistic associates dedicated to our customers needs and commitment to excellence.


We strive to provide the best service available to you! We have an innovation approach, a focus on continuous improvement, and are a solutions driven company. Our company was started because we saw a need for an honest, innovative and dependable service provider, we have been fulfilling those needs ever since. Our reputation is paramount to us and we stand by that promise in every project!

An Environment Founded in Excellence

Our Culture

Forward Trucking is committed to conducting our business in an ethical and professional manner with an emphasis on protecting our customers, vendors and employees.

Our Customers

Forward Trucking  will provide premium services with quality solutions that will increase proficiency and maximize valuable relationships.

Our Partners

Business partners that are vital to our success and we commit to  working with them in harmony to provide professional service focusing on serving the needs of our customers and safety of the environment. As a commitment to excellence, we will conduct regular reviews to seek out areas of opportunity that will benefit all.

Our Value System At the Core


Safety is a moral obligation. Our goal and commitment is to attain and sustain a zero incident frequency and work to manage business operations for sustainable safety excellence.


Forward Trucking believe that the best results are achieved when everyone works together; our staff, our clients, our vendors and our consultants.

Honesty and Integrity

We do what we say. We are honest, truthful, ethical and conduct ourselves with highest integrity possible, and treat others with fairness and dignity.

Professionalism and Excellence

We conduct ourselves in a manner of which we are proud; as individuals, and as representatives of our company and industry.

Personal Growth

Forward Trucking believes our team is one of our greatest assets! As a result, we support our employees in their goal to expand their skills and experience. We believe that employees are entitled to meaningful, satisfying work as they help advance the goals of the company.


We make good decisions, take personal ownership of tasks, are responsible for our actions, and deliver on our commitments.


We work together, share ideas and recognize the contribution of others.


We persevere in the face of adversity with courage, a positive attitude and a fierce determination to succeed!

Get in touch!


373 County Road 163

Cedar Lane, TX 77415


Mailing Address:

PO Box 86

Cedar Lane, TX 77415



Mon-Fri: 8 am - 5 pm
Sat: closed
Sun: closed


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